Online Marketing:

When building a new website or redesigning an existing one it does not automatically guarantee lots of traffic to your website. You will need to market your website, you can either market it through more traditional external marketing avenues e.g. advertising, flyers, signage, etc. or you can take advantage of the electronic era and use online marketing through the internet.

The most successful Online Marketing platform is currently through Google Adwords. We manage your Google AdWords Campaign professionally to ensure that your Online Marketing reaches your target market. Your campaign will be monitored monthly, weekly and even daily to keep track of your campaign performance and to ensure that your campaign performs at its peak at all times. With Adwords you can reach potential customers when they are looking for or in need of your products/services. Google Adwords is a pay-per-click system where your budget is managed to last for a period of a month. Your advert will be shown within Google search results for your products/services. Campaign packages are based on ensuring that your campaign provides an increase in your website traffic. As the package increases so does your website traffic.

Our Adwords Campaign Management Service includes:
Expert Online Marketing
Targeted keyword research specific to your business
Professional adverts appearing within Google Sponsored Links
Top ranking in Google on more than 500 keywords
Management of bids and tracking of your keyword conversions
Establishing the most profitable return on investment for your campaign


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