Frequently asked questions:

Q: What makes Acute Solutions unique?
A: We design your website according to your specifications, we do not use any templates which ensure that your website will be unique, and portray the look and feel of your business.

Q: What websites do you design?
A: We can design any website from basic (internet presence) to more advanced, interactive websites, this is all dependant upon your requirements.

Q: Where do i start to get my own business website?
A: You can complete our online enquiry with the requirements that you have for your new website, afterwhich we can arrange for a meeting and furnish you with a detailed quotation for your new website.

Q: What does a website cost?
A: The cost of your website will depend on your requirements and purpose for your website. We have 2 Standard Packages available on which you can always add any of our advanced options to enhance your website further.

Standard Packages:
Starter Business Website - R 2,850.00
Small Business Website - R 3,850.00

Q: Do i need to get my own hosting or domain?
A: No, we organise everything for you, including the design.

Q: Can I use my old domain?
A: Yes you can, we can still design / revamp your website and launch it on your website address that currently is familiar to your clients.

Q: What Software do you offer?
A: We design customised software to your custom business requirements to enhance your daily business processes.


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